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This is me! Welcome!

Hi! I'm Vicki and this is my first stab at a webpage! I'm 28 years old, married to Ron for 7 years and living a pretty darn good life! Ironically, I'm work for a computer software company, but never tried to do a web page please pardon any boo-boos you may find. This picture best represents me for a lot of reasons. First of all, I'm a real ham when there's a camera around. I really enjoy nothing more than having fun and a really good laugh (and trust me when I say that my laugh is BOISTEROUS!!) This was obviously taken on my wedding day, in which I experienced every emotion known to a human being....99% of 'em were good! Apparently Ron liked this picture too, because I happened to stumble upon it while looking for pictures.

The dress is rather symbolic of my life. It was the first one I found and loved it immediately, which is what usually happens to me when I'm searching for something. Pretty lucky, eh? It was twice my size when I bought it, so they had to alter it drastically. Usually when something enters my life, whether good or bad, that's what I do...alter it to make it best fit me! And finally, it turns out that it was the most popular wedding dress of the following year.... Michelle Pfieffer was one of those people. When I found the dress, it was made by the seamstress of the store. The next year it was famous! I've been fortunate to find things that eventually work their way into "style"....somehow I have avoided looking like a total fool by instinct! I hope you enjoy the following pages.

(Just as a side-note, my favorite quote is "Empathy is the highest form of humanity". I believe that if everyone followed that, the world would be a better place!)

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