Goldie Angel
Vicki's Family
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Right before Goldie became an angel at Rainbow Bridge....

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A family at a wedding; Actual size=240 pixels wide

My brother-in-law, Craig, took a lot of pictures of Goldie before she passed away with his digital camera. Craig also made her a beautiful headstone that sits next to her grave. He lives next door to us and had a great fondness for her also. He sent me this collage when she died. I thought it was a sweet memorial

A family at a wedding; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Goldie and Shim. This is a classic photo because this is what you saw when they came inside from playing....doggies on their best behavior looking for a cookie!!!

goldie waiting

The picture is crystal clear but it scans fuzzy. Kind of as if she's there but not. Goldie always waited for us at the door....the first one to greet us when we came home. Ron always said she looked worried, and this was particularly so if one of her people were out without her. She was happiest when we were all together. Then she could relax and know we were all okay.
I like to look at this picture and think that this is what she looks like from the other side of Rainbow Bridge....looking out a window that lets her see us at all times and waiting....waiting patiently for her people to come home to her. WE MISS YOU TOO, GOLDIE.....