The Cliffords!
Vicki's Family
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This is my brother's family....Scott, Kathy, Megan and Patrick.....The Cliffords!

Scott and Kathy at our Senior Prom 1990

The Cliffords 1998

The Cliffords 2001

Visiting Grandma Hoffman in 2001

Me with Kathy, Megan and Pat Summer 2001

They say you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.  BUT, did you know that you can HELP your family PICK your friends to BE your family?  It's totally true.
My brother Scott is almost 4 years older than I am.  I annoyed the bajeezus out of him from day one!  The first 16 years of my life on the planet was spent irritating the crap out of him... and Lord knows I'm lucky he didn't commit some heinous act to remove me from existance!  When I was 14, we moved from Pittsburgh to New York and somehow we began bonding.  By age 16, I can honestly say that I adored my brother and bragged about him as if he was a God!  He went from whacking me in the eye with a baseball bat (it was an "accident", you know!) and sitting on my lap and tickling my feet until I becoming this handsome man who was independant, strong, funny and a Navy man to boot...and we actually learned to laugh and have fun together (thanks to Robin Williams and his stand up comedy). 
When I moved to New York, I found the person that fits the motto "if you have one great friend in this lifetime, you've been blessed" in Kathy Lombardi.  She's made every moment from our first meeting until now a total joy!  We've laughed, cried, sat quietly, skipped SAT classes, tortured ex-boyfriends (yes, we put 30 for sale signs on his front lawn during a party that he DIDN'T invite us to!), tanned, vacationed, studied (well, she studied while I played the piano), ate boxes of Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls in a sitting and every other thing you can do in life together.  She was Homecoming Queen and I was a Homecoming Princess.  She was a football/soccer cheerleader and I was "some sort of soccer coach-assistant thingy" with her.  She was Class President and I was Vice-President.  Kathy is my female soul mate and my sister of hearts.
Kathy and Scott met when she was 16 and they fell in love!  Who would've thought that he would marry my best friend!?  Scott is a professional Fire Fighter and Kathy is a Middle School Math teacher.  They have two gorgeous children, Megan and Patrick, and have blessed my life time and time again.  This is my long overdue page devoted to them....the All-American Couple, in my eyes....the Cliffords!