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Abby is a Solomon Island Eclectus. She was given up for adoption thru a pet store, due to a divorce in her original family. She dominates every animal in the house. She also has a knack for being a Houdini Bird. We had to finally get her a cage that she could not escape from. Abby also has an extensive vocabulary, which began with "peek-a-boo" and "hello", and now contains everything from "I'm a chicken hawk!" to crowing like a rooster! She is most famous for getting irritated at the answering machine when she says "hello" and they don't answer her back!


Abby has attitude....BIG ATTITIDE!!! She dominates every human and animal in our house. There is no fear in her when she comes strolling up and starts climbing on you. Shim was not pleased with her interrupting his nap on this particular day...but he didn't dare complain!


This is Abby in her favorite tree by our summer "hang out". We have a nook in our backyard where Ron and I go to have coffee and read. We let Abby sit in the tree (her wings are clipped and it's a small tree!! fear not!) and she loves to listen to the other birds and chime in with a loud screech to let everyone know she's there.