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Introducing the Licata Family of Nine (well, two of us are human....)

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Vicki and Ron; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This is me and Ron! Unfortunately I was a hairdresser at the time and felt the need to be creative with my hair the day before the photo shoot! What was I thinking???


Goldie and me.... she was my first dog. I got her on Valentine's Day 1995 from a friend. Goldie was my first true fur-love and by far the best dog I've ever known. She blessed our lives.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

These are the 3 most other important people in my life. I didn't know where to put them, but I wanted to show them off! My Aunt Jean (left) is my mom's younger sister. I guess I'm a lot like her, because mom is always calling me "Jean". The other two are my mom and father-in-law, Ben. Get this....they're a couple! It's a long story, but they are an adorable couple! All three are my inspiration in life.

What We're All About

I met Ron in 1990. I was about to graduate high school and was working in a department store. I walked downstairs and saw one of my co-workers fitting this adorable Italian guy for a tuxedo for his brother's wedding. Turns out he worked next door and the minute I looked at him I knew I would marry him (tissue please!!) It was a very romantic moment. He was such a gentleman about my persuits (it WAS the 90's!) and I just knew that those soulful brown eyes were telling me that he was a man with a great heart. We got married December of 1993 and our adventures began from there! We're both huge animal lovers and animals have sort of taken over our lives! Ron calls it "the Zoo". The cats came first....Zeopepine and Josie.... and provided LOTS of entertainment! Then we got Goldie. My life was forever changed by her. Her presence was emmense for such a sweet and gentle creature and she was my first dog. We got Shiminute 4 years later because Goldie was having problems losing weight and needed a playmate. She picked him out herself at an animal shelter full of hundreds of dogs. His mission was to play and he spent every moment taunting her to play. Abby, our Solomon Island Eclectus, picked me at a pet store. I knew nothing about birds, but she caught my attention IMMEDIATELY! Abby has spent every living moment keeping us on our toes and mocking us! She talks so much she makes me look like a mute (and trust me when I say that I'M a talker!) The turtles, Mai Tai and Kamakazi, showed up sometime after the cats. I've always liked turtles and they are rather easy (especially since Ron does all of the work with them!) The fish belong to the turtles! They were feeders and for some reason the turtles decided they wanted company and let them stay. Wooley came into our lives via Goldie. When she passed away September 2000, I believe she sent him to us. He's such a puppy, but he clearly has her spirit living inside of him. This is our family.