Megan and Patrick Clifford
Vicki's Family
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This page is devoted entirely to my neice and nephew, Megan and Patrick Clifford!  (I'm a proud Aunt, you see!)

Summer 2001....I held the camera and Pat pushed the button!

Pat, Megan and Me at Grandma's 2001

Pat's PreSchool Graduation 2002

Megan's School Picture 2002

Alot of people claim that my niece, Megan, looks exactly like I did when I was a little girl.  Personally, I find this to be a huge compliment, because she's adorable!  Patrick looks like the spitting image of my brother to me.  I have to say that we were quite fortunate to find someone like Kathy to create reproductions of us!  (Although, I see so much of Kathy's sister, Amy, in Megan....and much of her father in Patrick!)  Megan will be 7 in October 2002 and Pat turned 5 in April of 2002.  We get to see them at least once a year when the family makes the big trek from Virginia Beach to New York!  This page is clearly my bragging page, so enjoy!

Megan with her "cousin" Shiminute! He LOVES her!

Patrick during Christmas handsome!!!!!