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Shiminute is a dobie/shep mix that Goldie picked at an animal shelter. He was brought into our family as a friend for her. I must confess that he's a total mama's boy, but nothing is better to him than playing with his dad! He's become quite the good boy (which he was NOT when we first got him) and we're very proud!

Ron and shim on couch

Ron and Shim on the couch. No one is as comfortable as Shim when it comes to laying on the couch...and it's a necessity to be using a human as a pillow for him!

Shim and Abby; Actual size=240 pixels wide

There is nothing Shim hates more than to share his bed with someone other than me or Ron....especially the bird!!! Somehow she has managed to rule the roost, and by the desperate look on his face you can see that he's NOT pleased!

Boys Looking For Bone; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This picture makes me laugh!!! Shim is very possessive of his chewies and when he's not in the mood to eat them, he hides them from Wooley. Unfortunately he hid one too well under the couch and had to ask for Ron's help! I call this one "Boys Looking For Bone". My poor husband!

Shim and TeddyBear; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Shim loves his teddy bear! He's always liked those stuffed toys that he can gnaw on or sleep with. This was a classic picture because he looked like such an angel! He once had a stuffed dinosaur that we named the Shiminuasaurus and a stuffed frog we called Doggy's Fwoggy. The dinosaur was his favorite and when he finally chewed it's stuffing out, it was the end of the Shiminuasaurus era...we couldn't find another.