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Goldie (a/k/a Goldie Grrrrl, Sweet Peaches, Mama's Angel)

This is my tribute to Goldie. She is the reason why I decided to start a web show her off. Her beauty and angelic soul and gentle nature were clearly gifts from God. We lost Goldie to cancer in September of 2000 and our lives were forever changed. But when I think back, that was probably her purpose. When she came to us our lives changed for the better and her spirit still fills my heart with love. We miss her.

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Goldie1999; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This is Goldie a year before she died. This was taken after a good romp around the backyard with Shiminute, which is why she looks a little zonked!! I actually have a lot more pictures of her which I will add (once I get the ole' scanner working!), but I really kind of liked this one! She looks healthy and alert. We referred to this look as the Princess Lea look (from Star Wars!) Her ears would get all perked up when she would see something interesting and they would look like the buns on the sides of Princess Lea's head! Goldie's favorite thing was chasing a ball....or chewing on one! Once Shim came around, he would get to the ball first, so she spent most of her time chasing him WITH the ball!

A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is another picture from a photo shoot that my mom had done. I'll never forget this day, because we drove 1/2 hour to the photographer and Goldie LOVED the car! She was so good...she would sit in the backseat and lean back and enjoy the ride! That was ALL that she liked about this day. We had to walk up a bazillion flights of stairs and then the photographer's studio kind of freaked her out. I never thought that any of the pictures would come out good, but we got this one and the one on my About Us webpage. You never saw a dog so happy to get back into the car!

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