MaiTai and Kamakazi
Vicki's Family
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MaiTai and Kamakazi were the silent members of our household....they had the life! Swim..swim..swim!!!
(Update: sadly, both turtles passed on to the big turtle pond in the sky in 2001.  We miss them....and so do the fish they lived with.)

turtles kissing; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is Kamakazi giving Mai Tai a kiss. He loves to WOO her!

tutle wooing; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This is what I call "turtle wooing" and it's quite a sight! The first time we saw it we thought he was trying to kill her....whew!

Turtle Love!!

Both MaiTai (female) and Kamakazi (male) are box turtles. Our friend, Scott, knew I liked turtles so he got me one for Christmas about 7 years ago. Mai Tai came in a box and she wouldn't get out of her water dish. I went to the pet store and found out that these turtles spend most of their time in water, so we had to upgrade to a nice tank. Swimming is pretty much what they love to do! It's like peeking into a pond!

We got Kamakazi because a friend told us that animals live longer when they have company, so off to the store I went! Kamakazi immediately took to MaiTai, but her tolerance of his wooing was minimal at first. It's quite a sight! He takes his long "nails" and strokes her face lovingly. We were told that this is what they do when they mate. She lets him do it all of the time now, so we can only assume that they are officially a couple

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